The Purpose

Our Spectrum Friends and Family Support Groups are here to serve as safe spaces for people to discuss their true feelings and emotions. Although our focus is serving the local LGBTQ+ community, we welcome everyone and especially encourage Allies to attend and participate in the conversations. Support groups allow individuals to come together as a collective group and learn from group facilitators and group members, as well as share stories, experiences and advice. We hope that in any LGBTQ+ Spectrum of Findlay support group that everyone knows that they have a voice, they are always welcome and that they are never alone.

Youth Support Groups

We provide the LGBTQ+ youth group in partnership with the Sunshine Institute, this support group is for individuals between the ages of 12 to 19 years old. A licensed counselor facilitates the group. The purpose of the youth group is to provide guidance, information, and support

Adult Peer to Peer

The purpose of a peer-led support group will be to provide knowledge, experience, emotional, and social support. By providing a safe place and an opportunity for peer to peer interactions, we intend to encourage positive mental health, communication, and community acceptance. We also intend to provide factual resource and networking when appropriate

Family Time Play Group

COMING SOON! We will be providing LGBTQ+ and allied families a peer-led support group. This group will focus on children that are under the age of 12. One goal for this group is to provide a diverse play space for younger children with an emphasis on LGBTQ+ families. By providing a safe space, we can promote family modeling and early exposure to diversity and inclusion. Another goal for this support group is to allow families to network and provide parental resources to each other.




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